Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade – How To Transfer Save From PS4 to PS5

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Final Fantasy VII Remake has finally arrived on PlayStation 5 as Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, which includes free upgrades for the console, as well as a paid DLC expansion starring Yuffie. As we have seen with the PlayStation console family between PS4 and PS5, transferring saves is not just as simple as having it automatically in the cloud and downloading it on PS5. This has been the case with games like Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered and now it has popped up again with the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and this guide will tell you how to transfer your save from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5.

How To Transfer Save From PS4 to PS5

To start, you’re going to have to have access to the PS4 version of the game, whether that’s just turning back on your PS4 or accessing the PS4 version on PS5. To do the latter after already installing Intergrade, you’ll need to go to the icon on the dashboard, press Options, and then go down to Game Version and switch to the PS4 version.

Regardless of which way you are doing, make sure you have the new update from last week and fire up the PS4 version of the game to start. Get past the title menu and get to the screen where you can select things like New Game and so forth. Scroll down to Upload Save Data here and select it. Now pick the specific save slot that you want to upload and do just that. You can upload multiple if you want, but they have to be done one at a time.

After you’re done with that, move over to the PS5 version of the game and start it up. Just like before, get past the title menu to the menu that starts with New Game. Similarly, scroll down and this time select the opposite option titled Download Save Data. It will bring up the save that you uploaded and ask you to Confirm to download it. Do that and now you will have your existing save brought over to Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade on PS5. In addition to bringing the save itself over, this will also unlock all the trophies that you had on the PS4 version for the PS5 version as well.

That’s all you have to do to bring over your save to the PS5 version of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Just remember that you can bring over additional saves if you want to choose a different one as well.

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