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Final Fantasy VII Remake – What is a Moogle Medal?

Very popular among collectors.

by Dean James


Final Fantasy VII Remake has multiple different collectibles that you can acquire during the game, but one of the most common items you will come across in the game is known as the Moogle Medal. This will have you wondering what exactly a Moogle Medal is and this guide will explain what they are in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

What Is A Moogle Medal?

Moogle Medals are items that you will come across pretty early in Final Fantasy VII Remake from a few different sources, but you will definitely be confused about what exactly they are for awhile. The coins aren’t seen in the world map specifically, but you can look at what they look like in your key items inventory at any time. If you look at the menu as seen in the above image, the Moogle Medals are described as “A Medal with a Moogle on it. A Popular Item Among Collectors.”

This describes what the item itself is, but really doesn’t give you any indication of what they are in the game itself and how you can utilize them. You won’t find out what exactly they are and what they are used for until a little later in the game.

You may thing that there will be many shops you can trade these in at, such as the various item shops in the game, but the Moogle Medals can only be used at one place in the game. This will be in the chapter where you finally get to Sector 5 and will be introduced to a special vendor dressed like a Moogle.

This vendor will sell you plenty of different items, so the key is to keep going out and finding more Moogle Medals and then coming back to him to sell for more. The vendor will stay in the same location, so feel free to come back later and you will be able to get more.

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