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Final Fantasy VII Remake – Where Are Don Corneo’s Stashes?

Corneo's treasured goods.

by Dean James


Final Fantasy VII Remake has a lot of important characters in it, with a large focus being put on the character of Don Corneo. Even when we haven’t met him yet, he plays a large role throughout Chapter 9 and beyond. Eventually, you will be asked to find his three stashes as part of as sidequest and this guide will explain just where you can find them.

Where Are Don Corneo’s Stashes?

Don Corneo has three different stashes for you to find within Chapter 14, with some hints being given as to where they are. The first two are ones you probably have seen before in the past and just didn’t know, with the third one actually being story related that you’ll have to find along the way.


The first one of Corneo’s stashes can be found in the collapsed expressway, so use a Chocobo to fast travel to the beginning of it. Enter the collapsed expressway, but almost as soon as you enter, take a hard left and you’ll see a pathway with a door complete with the Don Corneo logo on it. Go up and you can now open this door, so do so and get all the items inside.


Next, the second Corneo stash is found around the Sector 5 Slums, so make your way there via fast travel. Once you are there, leave through the northeastern exit of town and follow the right path until you get to a big wall area. From here, don’t climb the ladder, but instead head through the nearby door and you’ll see a staircase to the left. Go up this staircase and you’ll find the second of his stashes.

Lastly, the third and final Corneo stash is located in the sewers, which you cannot access all by yourself. Instead, you have to go to Corneo’s mansion and find Leslie. He will help you back into the sewers and go on a long mission to find Corneo, which you eventually do. This culminates in a boss fight before you get to leave the sewer area.


Before leaving though, we want to find Corneo’s stash down here. You will eventually it and be able to unlock the door. However, you will notice the room is filled with water and you cannot enter it any further. This means you have to go down further in the path and eventually find a terminal that lets you lower the water in that room. Return back to that room and grab the remaining stash items and you will have all three stashes.


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