Final Fantasy VII Remake – Where To Deliver Medicine To Sick Guy In Wall Market

Johnny needs some help.

by Dean James

Wall Market has a lot of different areas to explore in Final Fantasy VII Remake, with a number of quests available for you there. Some of these only require a few steps to complete, but one of the longest is easily The Party Never Stops. Part of the steps are pretty easy to follow, but there is one that you may find yourself having no idea where to go. That’s why we have created this guide to help you find out where to deliver the medicine.

Where To Deliver Medicine To Sick Guy In Wall Market

More than halfway through the quest The Party Never Stops, Johnny will end up getting very sick and you have to follow him to the pharmacy. The overactor that Johnny is has the pharmacist knowing he can’t leave, so he asks Cloud if he can instead make a few deliveries around the area. The pharmacist will give you a hint, but doesn’t tell you really where you need to go for one.

The more vague delivery involves you having to find a sick person to take medicine to. This is someone you may have seen before if you explored every part of town, but also there’s a good chance you missed him as well.

You need to head to the karaoke bar, Drunkard’s Den, where you previously were in the mission to find the clothing store worker’s dad very drunk. Head to the back of the bar near the bathroom and you’ll see a guy that you can talk to that is getting frustrated at the person inside.


Normally we wouldn’t condone breaking in on somebody in the bathroom, but that’s what you want to do with Cloud here. Go inside and you’ll see a guy hovered over the toilet ready to vomit. Speak with this guy and he will say that he must have gotten food poisoning. Give him the medicine that the pharmacist gave you and he should be good to go.

- This article was updated on March 22nd, 2023