Final Fantasy VII Remake – Where To Find The Kids On Patrol

Five kids to look for.

by Dean James
Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake has a number of sidequests available for you to complete, with some certainly being more difficult to complete than others. The ones that have you searching for something that doesn’t show up on the map definitely can be an issue, with the Kids On Patrol quest in Chapter 8 being one of these for sure. This quest tasks you with gathering up five kids for their teacher, Ms. Folia, and we’re here to tell you where each of them are located.

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Where To Find The Kids On Patrol

There are five kids for you to find within the Sector 5 Slums, with each of them having a sword on their back. None of them are too far away, but they still can take a little bit of time to find. Thankfully, Ms. Folia gives us some clues on where we can find each of them, even if a little ambiguous.


The first clue given says that “one boy patrols near some concrete pipes.” This one is very close from where Ms. Folia is located, so when facing Ms. Folia, go left and walk down this open pathway until you get to a concrete pipe, which has our first kid inside of it that we can talk to.


Our next clue is “one girl likes to do her patrols in public areas with lots of people.” This one is also easy to find, as you just want to walk through the streets and look for a big crowd of people as seen above. She is nearby, so just speak with her to get her to return.


Next up is the clue that says “one boy spends most of his time checking out the shops.” This means you want to open up your map and look at where the item shop is here in the Section 5 Slums. One you find it, go to where the item shop it and you’ll see the boy standing right outside of it.


The fourth kid’s clue states “one girls loves to be fussed over by folks at the community center.” Even though this is the fourth clue given, this one is actually the closest of all to Ms. Folia. You can find her just near the orphanage sitting out front of a building with a group of other people.


Lastly, the fifth kid’s clue says “one boy loves to stand guard at the town gate.” Clearly, this is the most specific of the bunch, so all you have to do is head towards the town gate heading northeast out of the town and you’ll find the final kid.