Final Fantasy VII Remake – Where To Find The Missing Cats

Help Betty find her missing friends.

by Dean James
Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake has a number of different sidequests for you to tackle along the way, with the first of them appearing in Chapter 3. Some of these sidequests are pretty simple to figure out, since all you have to do is follow the marker on the screen to find out where to go. However, there is one known as Lost Friends that can be a lot more difficult to complete if you don’t know where exactly to look, so we have broken down where you can find Betty’s three cats in this guide.

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Where To Find The Cats

As part of the Lost Friends quest, you are tasked with finding Betty’s three cats. This consists of you finding each of them, trying to call them and moving onto the next cat until you’ve done this with all three. None of the three cats are on the map either, so you will have to scour the Section 7 Slums to find each of the cats.


While there is no particular order to find the cats, the first one we are going to describe here is found near the building Cloud is staying in. Around this area, you’ll see a lower area you can go down into that is still out in the open where a woman is yelling into an open pathway. This woman will have a green quest marker over her head once you’re close enough, so make sure to speak to her. She will mention that she was trying to get a cat out of there because it took one of her pastries, so head into the open pathway and you’ll find a collection of many cats on the other side. The mission isn’t over just because we found a bunch, as only one of these cats is the one we need for Betty. Speak to the white cat you see and can interact with and you can move onto the next one.


The second cat is really easy to find, as it’s in plain sight. You probably even saw it before and didn’t think anything of it since it wasn’t part of a quest. For this one, just head over to Seventh Heaven bar, Tifa and Barret’s bar, and you’ll see the cat sitting right out on the front porch. Once again, speak with the cat and it will scurry away.


The third and final cat is a little more difficult to come across than the second. From the Seventh Heaven steps when turned away from the bar you want to go down one of the pathways that is straight and to the left a little bit. While walking down this path, Tifa will mention about hearing a cat, which means you are in the right area. Once you see it, speak to the final cat and you will get the option to automatically go back to Betty to finish the quest.