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Final Fantasy VII Remake – Where To Find The Missing Warehouse Keycard In Chapter 3

Closer than you might think.

by Dean James


Final Fantasy VII Remake has a number of different areas for you to explore, many of which you will be visiting more than once with the ability to check out an additional part of it as a future quest. There is one of these that you will come across pretty early in the game during Chapter 3 while you are in the Sector 7 Slums and doing a variety of sidequests. One of these in particular requires you to find a keycard to open a door, but it’s not exactly apparent where you need to go to find it, so this guide will tell you exactly what you need to go.

How To Find The Missing Warehouse Keycard in Chapter 3

Chapter 3 is your first introduce to sidequests in Final Fantasy VII Remake, with six different sidequests to complete during this time. In fact, one of these leads directly into another, even if given by different people.

First of all, you must complete the Nuisance in the Factory sidequest by taking out some Lesser Drakes in a warehouse area that you can find easily on the map. Take note of this area, because you will be coming right back there as part of the Just Flew In from the Graveyard sidequest as well.

You will end up in the same warehouse area here, but the mission icon for this one will end up bring you to a locked door that you cannot open. This door will require a keycard to enter, which thankfully can be found fairly nearby.


To find the warehouse keycard, what you need to do is leave the room the way you entered it. Do not go out the door that you may have previously opened, but rather leave the door that takes you into another room. Follow this to yet another room you have been in before that has Gorgers for you to fight in it.

From where you’re coming from, you should be on an elevated platform with a small set of stairs to go down and get on ground left. While turned facing away from the door you just entered the room from, you want to take a left and go outside into an area that is a dead end.

This is a place you probably visited on your previously visit to the warehouse and checked out the vending machine. However, this time there are Shinra crates just to your left as you leave the previous room and go outside that house the watch security keycard that you need for the mission.

After having the keycard in hand, you can head back to the locked door open it to face off against a Cerulean Drake to finish off the sidequest.

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