Final Fantasy VII Remake – Where To Find The Three Music Discs For Betty

Everybody needs a little music sometimes.

by Dean James
Final Fantasy VII Remake

Betty is definitely a pretty needy character when it comes to Final Fantasy VII Remake. First we have to help her find her cats back in Chapter 3 and now she’s asking for help finding three new music discs to help cheer people up. This means you have to go searching for three specific music discs that have now appeared new in Wall Market as of this Chapter, so you cannot just play other music you’ve collected. There’s no markers on the map, so you have to find where they are yourself and this guide will help you out with that.

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Where To Find The Three Music Discs For Betty

The first music disc can be found relatively close at the inn. You’ll notice the ??? when you get near the door, but the song is not acquired from a jukebox or the front desk clerk. Instead look to the right corner and the cover in the image above. Speak with him and he will give you “Good Night, Until Tomorrow.”


The next song is a little more hidden, as you have to look around and find some back alleys. For this one, you will have to go through a small wooden door that requires you to crouch under it. Your best best is to just wander around the side areas of Wall Market and you should see a ??? pop up eventually. Once inside, you just have to talk to the woman seen above to obtain the track “Stand Up.”


There is only one more song and it’s actually from somewhere you’ve visited before, the Colosseum. You do not have to go down into the basement area here, but rather just the lobby. When you go over near the elevator area, you’ll see a ??? as always and a vendor there. Speak with him and you can purchase the track “Fight On.”

After you have all three music discs in hand, all you have to do is head back to where Betty was and go to the jukebox. Open up the jukebox and play each of the three songs you got, which should be listed as new on there. Each one will make someone else happy and start to dance, so do this for all three and you’ll complete the quest.