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Final Fantasy XIV: The Great Horn Heist Guide

Earn some easy MGP by completing this limited-time quest.

by Diego Perez


The Great Horn Heist is a limited-time quest available during the Make It Rain campaign for Final Fantasy XIV. This quest will allow you to unlock a free emote called Vexed and reward you with 5,000 MGP. It’s not like other Final Fantasy XIV quests, however, because you’ll need to gather evidence and solve the mystery yourself without any outside help. As long as you talk to the right people though, it’s not too hard. The quest is only available through August 11, so make sure you get it done soon. Here’s how to complete The Great Horn Heist in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to Start The Great Horn Heist Quest

To start The Great Horn Heist, speak to Ollier at the Steps of Nald in Ul’dah. His coordinates are (X:9.4, Y:9.2). In order to accept the quest, you must be at least level 15 and have completed one of the following main scenario quests: “The Gridanian Envoy,” “The Ul’dahn Envoy,” or “The Lominsan Envoy.” Basically, you have to finish the starting zone quests on your character.

Evidence Locations


After meeting Ollier in Ul’dah, you’ll have to find him again in The Gold Saucer. Speak with him in the Manderville Lounge to obtain the Inspector’s Journal. Then, talk to the Anxious Attendant nearby and return to Ollier once more to finally begin your investigation. You can return to Ollier to finish the quest whenever you want, but you can only discover the true culprit if you speak with the following people and find the evidence listed below.

  • Cheery Customer (X:5.1, Y:6.0)
  • Brass Blade Recruit (X:7.1, Y:6.1)
  • Astute Attendant (X:8.6, Y:4.8)
  • Frantic Attendant (X:8.5, Y:5.4)
  • Effusive Attendant (X:5.3, Y:4.6)
  • Brusque Brass Blade (X:7.2, Y:7.0)
  • Choice Location (X:5.1, Y:7.0)
  • Blabbering Brass Blade (X:5.6, Y:6.5)

You can speak to most of these people in any order, but you can only speak to the Frantic Attendant after talking to the Astute Attendant. The same goes for the Blabbering Brass Blade, who will only give you the information you need if you talk to the Brass Blade Recruit first.

Correct Answers


Once you’ve gathered evidence, it’s time to report back to Ollier. Tell him “It’s all clear to me now!” and choose the following dialogue options to successfully out the culprit.

  • “The true culprit is still out there!”
  • “One of the attendant’s uniforms has gone missing!”
  • “If you’re so sure he did it, then where is the horn?”
  • “The horn was stolen while Hugue was still on duty!”
  • “It’s you… Pipimaya!”
  • “The stolen uniform was Lalafell-sized!”
  • “But not all have a brother with eyes only for MGP.”
  • My most sincere apologies, Master Mayapipi.”

Regardless of how the investigation turns out, you’ll earn an MGP Bronze Card which adds 5,000 MGP to your Gold Saucer balance. If you wish to replay the quest to get a different outcome, then you can speak to Ollier again. You won’t get any extra MGP, but you’ll get Gold Saucer Tickets instead.

How to Get the Vexed Emote

After turning in The Great Horn Heist quest, a new quest called A Token of Thanks will appear nearby. Just speak to the Stern Gold Saucer Attendant at (X:6.2, Y:6.8) to start the quest. All you have to do to complete the quest is talk to Grege at (X:5.0, Y:6.4). As a reward, you’ll receive Ballroom Etiquette – Displaying Displeasure, which you can use to unlock the Vexed emote.

Final Fantasy XIV is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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