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Final Fantasy XV Guide: How to Summon Astrals

by Kyle Hanson


Final Fantasy XV wouldn’t really be much of a Final Fantasy game if it didn’t include one of the series’ most popular and long running features: summons. While they might change names and characteristics, the ability to summon large, powerful beasts has been in the series for a long time. Final Fantasy XV still has this ability, but it is quite different than before. So here’s a general guide on how to summon in Final Fantasy XV.

We don’t want to go too deep into this, as it gets pretty spoilery. Instead we’ll provide general tips on how to do this, and what to wait for. There’s a lot of waiting involved, as you can’t just unlock a new Astral, as they’re called in FFXV, and start summoning them anytime and anywhere. The beasts will all be unlocked by playing through the storyline of the main game though, so just be patient and you’ll start to get them there.

Once they are unlocked, by appearing to you in the main quest, you can summon Astrals elsewhere, but the conditions have to be right. Let’s take the first Astral as an example. Titan will come to your aid in Chapter 4 of the main story. Once he does, you can summon him to help in battle, but the fight will need to be out in a large open space, like a plain in the overworld.

I say “you can summon him”, but really he shows up whenever he feels like it. The consensus is that Titan shows up most often when your teammates are downed. When those randomish conditions are met, his summon prompt will appear. Hold down L2 on PS4 or the left trigger on Xbox One to summon him.

Other Astrals have different conditions, such as Ramuh who will shows up almost anywhere if the fight has gone on long enough, Leviathan who can be summoned near water, and Shiva who requires a mish-mash of all the other requirements. Unfortunately there isn’t a simple answer to how to summon in Final Fantasy XV like the summon menu from past games, so this is as much info as we have at the moment. Be sure to share the times and conditions in which you were able to summon in your game.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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