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Fire Emblem Three Houses Guide: How To Unlock The Dancer Class

The series staple is a hidden class this time around.

by Jelani James

Not all classes in Fire Emblem: Three Houses are acquired through the usual means of promotion exams, instead requiring the player to go through additional hoops and hurdles before they can be unlocked; and the one that stands out among them is the Dancer class.

What Are Dancers?


Introduced in Mystery of the Emblem, Dancers are unique thanks to their ability to grant an adjacent ally an extra turn by performing a special dance. In exchange for this talent, though, they have low combat potential and have to rely on a combination of Speed, Resistance and Luck to survive.

These properties mostly remain the same in Three Houses, but are more capable offensively due to their ability to use magic, as well as their proficiency in Swords and Authority. This doesn’t mean you should go out of your way to attack with them, but it does mean you won’t be sweating bullets whenever an enemy manages to target them.

Groovy. How I Can Get Them?

Unlike those of Fire Emblems past, the Dancer class in Three Houses is missable. Not only can the related event be missed if you aren’t paying attention, but the event in question can end in failure if you don’t meet the requirements.

Here’s how to get it done:

Step 1: The White Heron Cup


Every year during the Ethereal Moon (Month 12/Chapter 10), there will be a competition between the three houses to determine who has the best dancer amongst them. 

To start, accept the quest from Rhea and take note of the time constraints: the competition will be held on the third week of the month, and you need to find a representative for your house by the end of the second.

Step 2: Find A Representative

Your house can’t compete in the competition if they don’t have a representative, so that’s your second order of business.

Any student who has joined your house can be chosen as a representative and ultimately become a Dancer. The only caveat, as Manuela explains, is that the chosen student needs to have a Charm stat of about 13 to win. This isn’t a lofty goal and if you choose someone who’s well suited to the task, such as Dorothea, they’re basically guaranteed to win. Of course, if you want to further tilt the odds in your favor, then you can give them +5 Charm for free by helping them practice.

Step 3: The White Heron Cup Part II


If you chose your representative ahead of time, then you’ll get to see the competition unfold. It’s possible that there might be some RNG involved if the student’s charm is too close to 13, so I would suggest saving in advance in case something goes awry.

At any rate, you’ll quickly be informed of the winner and they will be given access to the elusive Dancer class should that person be the one you chose.

Who Should I Choose To Make A Dancer?

As I said before, anyone can become a Dancer so long as they participate in the competition and win, but you should choose someone who has high Charm and parameters geared for the role, and Dorothea fulfills those requirements perfectly.

First of all, Dorothea’s stats are geared more toward support than raw offense and each house has students who would be better suited at whatever role you’d want her to fill. In addition, she’ll retain her competence with magic, allowing her to use the powerful Meteor spell, as well as heal when needed. Lastly, the Dancer’s unique combat art scales well with her high Charm and she still has access to Hexblade, which scales off of Magic.

In other words, she was already geared towards support, so why not give her a class that excels at the role?

Regardless of who you chose, however, just be sure to actually switch to Dancer when you’re ready. It’s under the Reclass option in the menu and is considered a unique class, like Commoner and Noble.


That’s it on how to unlock the Dancer class in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It isn’t necessarily a mandatory class, but it can definitely serve you well if you know how to use it.

- This article was updated on:August 2nd, 2019

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