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Fire Emblem Three Houses: How to Change Outfits

Don't like the default outfit?

by Kyle Hanson


While Fire Emblem: Three Houses may be more about characters, combat, and the long, intricate story, you want to look good while dealing with those more important things. To help with this there are a number of different outfits in the game, though early on you’ll only have them if you pre-ordered or got them through DLC some other way. Thankfully the Day One patch adds a way to switch to these new outfits early in the game as well, so if you’ve downloaded them but are struggling to put them on here’s how to change outfits in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

How to Change Outfits

Since the game just hit, we’ll focus on the early opportunities to change outfits as more may become available later in the game. If you got a DLC outfit then you’ll want to focus on this early method which was added through the patch. Make sure you’ve downloaded this, or the option will not work. To check this just go back to your Switch home screen and press Plus on the Fire Emblem: Three Houses then go to Software Update to see if it is available.

Once you have that downloaded the best way to change outfits in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is found in your own room. You’ll appear here after meeting with the various House Leaders and picking which House you want to teach. Once here just walk over to your desk and you’ll have the ability to change outfits. If nothing appears here then you don’t have any outfit to change into or don’t have the update downloaded. While you may pick up outfits later in the game, early on you’ll only have alternatives if you pre-ordered and got a special code.

That’s all there is to know about how to change outfits in Fire Emblem: Three Houses as of now. We’ll update this article as the game expands and more options become available.

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