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For Honor Update 2.29.1 Patch Notes

Balance changes

by Damian Seeto


Update 2.29.1 has arrived for For Honor, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch.

The last update to come to For Honor was patch 2.29.0. and it included a new character. The new hero was Kyoshin who is from the legendary samurai. Well it looks like further adjustments have now been made to the character.

This is because Ubisoft has released update 2.29.1 today. The main purpose of today’s patch is to balance Kyoshin. Some buffs have been made, although some nerfs have also been adjusted for the character as well.

Anyway, the update is available later today for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The expected downtime will only be for 45 minutes. The patch size is only 13.9 MB on all platforms.

You can read the full patch notes posted down below.

For Honor Update 2.29.1 Patch Notes


· Kaze Stance can now be activated at 200ms from recoveries (was 266ms from lights, and 366 from heavies)
· Attacks now link to Finishers at 200ms (was 266ms from lights, and 366 from heavies)
· Aoarashi now moves forward 2 meters, up from 1
· Aoarashi Followup can now be target swapped
· Tengukaze is now more difficult to dodge
· Fujin Cuts now cost 3 stamina (down from 6)
· Hakaze now deals 8 damage (down from 12)
· Kagerou now deals 4 Bleed damage over 4 seconds (up from 3 damage over 4 seconds)
· Sajin-Arashi’s Miss recovery is now 600ms (down from 800ms)
· Hakaze now has 100ms of Guard Break vulnerability (was 0ms)
· Mujoukaze’s trajectory was adjusted to properly hit external targets
· Fixed an issue where followups were too difficult to use if players blocked multiple attacks with Kaze Stance


The Shard
· [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused Introduction Cinematic for attackers to have an incorrect fly by.

If you want to check out more about this patch, you can visit the official Ubisoft forums. For Honor is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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