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Fortbyte #36 Location “Accessible by Sentinel on a frozen island”

Get your chicken suit and fly south.

by William Schwartz


With Season 9 of Fortnite a new kind of challenge has been added to the game with the addition of Fortbytes. While many of these early fortbytes are locked behind in-game achievements that may take a little while to do, you can get one of your first Fortbytes by finding one that is hidden in the snowy region of the map.

How to find Fortbyte #36

Fortbyte #36 Challenge reads:  “Accessible by Sentinel on a frozen island.”  To find Fortbyte 36 you’ll simply need to do what the game is telling you to do in equipping the Sentinel character and then heading to the frozen island to collect the Fortbyte. First things first, you’ll need to equip the Sentinel skin.  This skin is the mecha chicken skin that comes with the Battle Pass and will be unlocked immediately.

Second, there are only a couple of frozen islands on the Fortnite map and they are located in the Southwest corner.  South of Frosty Flights you’ll see two islands off the coast of the map.  The Fortbyte is located on the western island.

When you land on the island you will hear a buzzing sound alerting you that the item is nearby.  It will appear clear at first, but as you approach it you will be able to interact with it if you have the Sentinel skin equipped.  Simply follow the prompt to collect Fortbyte #36 and you will get a piece to the mystery puzzle for Season 9 in Fortnite.

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