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Fortnite Dance on Top of Air Traffic Control Tower Location Season 7 Week 5 Challenge

This new area has a tower you'll need to scale.

by William Schwartz


If you’re attempting to complete the Season 7 Week 5 challenges in Fortnite, one of the tasks at hand is to dance on a number of different towers in the game.  You’ll need to dance on top of a water tower, dance on a ranger tower, and dance on a air traffic control tower.  In this guide we’ll explain where to find the air traffic control tower that you can dance on to complete a part of the challenge.

Using the map below you’ll want to head towards the Frosty Flights.  Once near the Frosty Flights the Air Traffic Control Tower is pretty hard to miss.  This red building next to the hangars can be climbed if coming from the ground, or you can glide onto it to perform the dancing challenge.  Either way, if you happen to miss the landing you can always build your way back up to the top of the Air Traffic Control Tower or just take the stairs to perform the dance and complete one part of this challenge.

Air Traffic Control Tower Location


Dancing on top of the Air Traffic Control Tower is only one part of this challenge.  You’ll also need to dance on two other towers to complete the activity.  You’ll also need to find the Ranger Tower. This is located near the Lonely Lodge.  Check out this guide to find the Ranger Tower in Fortnite.  You’ll also need to head over to Retail Row to find the final dance tower challenge.  You can check out this guide to find the Water Tower location in Fortnite.

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