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Fortnite Flaming Hoops Locations to Launch From Cannon

There are seven different flaming hoops that you can use.

by William Schwartz


This week’s Fortnite challenges require players to launch themselves through flaming hoops that are located around the map.  To complete the Flaming Hoops challenge in Fortnite’s Week 10 Season 8 Challenge you’re going to need to know the locations of the Flaming Hoops and this guide will explain exactly where you can find them.

The locations of the three flaming hoops are scattered across the map.  You can find them near Lazy Lagoon, Salty Springs, near the Volcano and a few other places around the map.  Below you’ll find the exact locations of the flaming hoops, the cannon locations, and how to launch through flaming hoops.  You can head to these locations below in any order to complete the challenge.

Volcano Flaming Hoop Location


Head to this pirate camp near the volcano to get a clear shot at going through your first flaming hoop.  Simply walk up to the front of the cannon and interact with the cannon to enter it, then fire yourself by pressing the shoot button after aiming yourself at the ring.  You will need to judge the distance correctly to make it through the hoop.  This pirate camp is located at H4 on top of the hill.

Salty Springs Flaming Hoop Location


If you land at the Pirate Camp at E8 and the pirate cannon facing out of the window at the top of structure will be the perfect spot to launch yourself through the flaming hoop.  The hoop isn’t very far away so you’ll simply need to hop in the cannon and fire yourself towards the ring with very little judging for accuracy.

Lazy Lagoon Flaming Hoop Location


The Flaming Hoop at the Lazy Lagoon is above the pirate ship in the middle of the cove.  There are numerous ways to tackle this flaming hoop as the area has a bunch of different cannons that you can use.  Choose one and line yourself up for the shot.  If one of the cannons in this area is proving to be to hard to use try another angle.  This cannon was found east of the block at F2.

Pleasant Park Flaming Hoop Location


Head over to the pirate camp at B4 and then look east to find the Pleasant Park Flaming Hoop.  Hop in the cannon and launch yourself through the ring to complete the challenge.

Polar Peak Flaming Hoop Location


The Polar Peak Flaming Hoop is one of the farther hoops to get to from the pirate camp located in C6.  You’ll see that the flaming hoop is all the way out in the middle of the frozen lake.  If you’re having trouble lining up the shot to make it through the ring (you’ll need to aim high), you can always push the cannon to get an easier shot.

Loot Lake Flaming Hoop Location


The Loot Lake Flaming Hoop is another far shot from the cannons at the pirate camp nearby at E5.  You’re going to need to shoot yourself pretty high above the target to make it there, but again, if you’re having trouble with launching through this flaming hoop you can always push the cannon to a better position to make it easier to complete the challenge.

Paradise Palms Flaming Hoop Location


Finally the 7th Flaming Hoop is located in the desert biome near Paradise Palms.  Head to the pirate camp at H7 and you’ll find that the flaming hoop is high up in the air above one of the mountains in the area.  This one will take some practice to hit from the pirate camp so make sure that you aim yourself high enough to make it through the flaming hoop.

That is all of the flaming hoops locations to complete the Launch through flaming hoops with a cannon challenge for Season 8 Week 10 in Fortnite.  Once you complete the challenge you earn experience in your battle pass for Fortnite.

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