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Fortnite Fortbyte #20 Location – Found at the Center of Any of the First Three Storm Circles

This Fortbyte will be somewhere different depending on your match.

by William Schwartz


Fortbyte #20 has been added to the Fortnite map, and this Fortbyte is interesting because instead of placing the item on the map in a fixed location the actual spot to pick it up will be different in each match.  Fortbyte #20 will be found at the center of the storm circle for any of the first three circles.

So what this means is that in the first three cycles of the storm in a Fortnite match, the Fortbyte will be located in the exact middle of the circle.  So how do you get Fortbyte #20?  It’s going to depend on your match and how the circle aligns.  Once you can determine the middle of the storm circle you’ll want to head towards that location.

Fortbyte #20 will be located in the middle of the circle


There are numerous ways to tackle this challenge.  What we did that seemed to work pretty well was to just glide from the very start of the match near the middle of the map.  After the timer counts down to the first circle just glide towards the middle and look for the Fortbyte.  It’s pretty difficult to get the exact location dialed in on your map, but as you approach from the air you should be able to see it.  The Fortbyte will have a purple lightning bolt icon on it.

If you are only trying to get the Fortbyte and nothing else, this method will work great.  However, since you will be air for a long time, once you hit the ground and gathered the Fortbyte, you’ve given everybody else plenty of time to get weapons and items.

Season 9 will have 100 Fortbytes released on the map to collect.  Collecting 90 of them will get you the Singularity Skin.  If you’re having trouble tracking them all down, check out guide for collecting every available Fortbyte in Fortnite.

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