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Fortnite Fortbyte #22 – Accessible by Using Rox Spray in an Underpass

Head to the underpass in Neo Tilted.


Fortbyte #22 is currently available for Fortnite players to discover and a new clue on where to find the collectible reveals that it will be found in an underpass.  There is also a requirement that you use the Rox Spray on the wall to access it.

To collect Fortbyte #22 Fortnite players are going to need a couple of things.  The first is the Rox Spray item, which is only available by completing the Battle Pass up to level 6.  Once you complete level 6 you will get access to the Rox Spray.  Once you’ve got the Rox Spray unlocked you can then equip the item in the Locker by selecting it as one of your emotes.

Next, you’ll need to find the underpass in the clue.

Underpass Location Fortnite


The underpass that is being hinted at in this clue is located in Neo Tilted.  If you keep an eye out for the big red crane in the area, the underpass will not be too hard to find.  When you approach the underpass you will find that you can not interact with the Fortbyte.  However, if you spray the Rox Spray on the wall next to it, you will be able to collect it by walking up to it.

Finding other Fortbytes in Fortnite

There are plenty of other Fortbytes to find on the Fortnite map and some have different challenges or requirements associated with them.  Check out our Fortbyte Locations Guide to find each and every one of them to reveal the mysterious image piece by piece in the Fortnite Challenges section of the game menus.

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