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Fortnite Fortbyte #3 — Accessible by Using the Skull Trooper Emoji at the Western Most Point

The western most point is behind Snobby Shores.

by William Schwartz


Another new Fortbyte has hit the Fortnite map. Fortbyte #13 asks players to use an unlockable emoji at the western most point of the map. In this guide we’ll explain how to get the Skull Trooper Emoji and where to use it on the Western most point of the Fortnite map.

This one is behind Snobby Shores

Before you even start searching for the location of Fortbyte #13, you’re gonna want to make sure that you have the Skull Trooper emoji. It’s unlockable by reaching Tier 58 in Fornite Season 9. If you haven’t unlocked this emoji you won’t be able to get the Fortbyte.

Assuming you have it, it’s on to the Western Most point of the map, and that’s located near Snobby Shores on the coastline. Like the other directions, the western most point has a sign at the edge of the map that reveals its the furthest point in this direction. You’ll want to look behind the house in Snobby Shores with the swimming pool and then head towards the coastline. There will be a dirt path that leads to the W sign and Fortbyte #3 is right next to it.  You can use the map below if you are still having trouble finding Fortbyte #3.


Once you find the sign with the W on it, you’ll simply pop the Skull Trooper emote and you can collect the Fortbyte and get another step closer to unlocking the Singularity Skin. There will 100 Fortbytes released during the course of Season 9. Collecting 90 of them will net you this exclusive Fortnite skin. If you’re trying to track them all down, we’ve compiled a complete list of all locations and requirements to find every Fortbyte in Fortnite.

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