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Fortnite Fortbyte #30 — Found Somewhere Between Haunted Hills and Pleasant Park

It's actually closer to Pleasant Park than Haunted Hills.

by William Schwartz


Fortbyte #30 has been added to the Fortnite map.  The clue for this puzzle piece says that it is located somewhere between Pleasant Park and Haunted Hills.  While this is quite a large area, we’ve narrowed it down for you to easily find Fortbyte #30.

Head for the northwest corner of Pleasant Park

This Fortbyte is actually closer to Pleasant Park than it is Haunted Hills, so we recommend setting your landing zone near the northwest corner of Pleasant Park to grab this quickly.  If you land near the northwest corner of the named area, it shouldn’t be too hard to grab this and you should see it as you come in for a landing in between two trees.  If you need a little bit more precise directions, just use the map below.

Fortbyte #30 Location Map


Since there are no other requirements that need to be met, you can simply walk up and collect Fortbyte #30 once you’ve located it.  Then you can head into the Challenges tab under Fortbytes to see which piece of the puzzle Fortbyte #30 has revealed.

By the end of Season 9 there will be 100 Fortbyte to find or unlock through in-game challenges.  If you’re trying to track the ones that hidden throughout the Fortnite Map, we’ve compiled a list of all available Fortbytes released so far.

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