Fortnite Fortbyte #6 – Accessible with Yay Emote at an Ice Cream Shop in the Desert

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Fortbyte #6 has been added to Fortnite and this collectible has players tracking down a puzzle piece by looking for an ice cream shop in the desert.  This Fortbyte challenge does require that you have a certain emote unlocked to collect Fortbye #6.  This guide will explain what you’ll need to do to unlock the Fortbyte and collect yet another piece to the big picture.

First things first, there is a requirement to collecting Fortbyte #6.  You’re going to need to have leveled to at least the 14th tier of Season 9 so that you can have unlocked the Yay! emote.  Once you have this emote you will need to equip it to your character by heading to the locker in the main menu.

Now that you have the emote equipped you now just need to find that ice cream shop in the desert.

Fortbyte 6 Map Location – Ice Cream Shop in the Desert


The ice cream shop in the desert is actually located in I7.  North of Paradise Palms and west of the race track in the desert, you’ll find the ice cream shop in the clue.  Once you’re there, simply head inside of the main building, do the Yay! emote, and then you will be able to collect Fortbyte #6.

Once you have the emote you can then head back into the Challenges tab to see which piece of the puzzle this collectible has unlocked.

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