Fortnite Fortbyte #65 – Found in a Basement Budget Movie Set

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Fortbyte #65 has been added to the Fortnite map and this collectible is found in the basement of a budget movie set.  Since there are no other requirements to getting Fortbyte #65, you simply need to find the basement movie set to collect it.  This guide will explain where you need to go to get Fortbyte #65 and collect another piece of the mysterious puzzle.

The Basement Budget Movie Set is actually located in a house in the snowy area of the Fortnite map.  Directly west of Shifty Shafts you will find two houses the southern house is the one with the movie set found in the basement.  Heading downstairs in this house you will find a green screen, some camera equipment, and Fortbyte #65.  Just use the map below to find the exact location of the item.  Assuming you’re in the right house, this Fortbyte is pretty hard to miss as you’ll see it immediately once you get downstairs.

Fortbyte #65 Map


Once you’ve found Fortbyte #65 you can simply walk up to the item and interact with it to collect it.  Then you can head into the Challenges>Fortbytes tab to see which piece of the Season 9 Fortbyte puzzle it reveals.

Fortbytes are pieces of a puzzle that are hidden throughout the Fortnite Map and are rewarded for completing certain challenges during Season 9.  Looking to track down all of the Fortbytes on the Fortnite map?  We’ve compiled a list of all Fortbytes and how to get them.  

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