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Fortnite Fortbyte #76 Behind a Historical Diorama in an Insurance Building

The insurance building is in Neo Tilted.

by William Schwartz


Fortbyte #76 has been added to the Fortnite map and this collectible is found behind a historical dioarama in an insurance building, according to the clue.  Since there are no other requirements to getting this Fortbyte you simply need to located this Insurance building and collect the next Fortbyte puzzle piece.  This guide will explain exactly where you need to go to find Fortbyte #76.

The insurance building is located in Neo Tilted next to Durr Burger

The insurance building that you’re looking for to collect Fortbyte #76 is located in Neo Titled.  It’s another tall building in the area right next to the massive Durr Burger skyscraper.  Simply head into this building and on the first floor you will find the diorama which depicts the meteor strike.  Fortbyte #76 is located near this diorama.


Head to location on this map and you will be in the exact spot that you need to go to get Fortbyte #76.  Once you’ve got it, you can head back into the Challenges > Fortbytes tab to see which piece of the puzzle this has revealed . There are no other requirements to finding this Fortbyte so all you need to do is get to this location and collect the item without getting killed in the process.  Neo Titled is already a crowded area but with the new Fortbyte there is plenty of company in the insurance building.

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