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Fortnite Fortbyte #82 Location – Accesible by solving Pressure Plate Puzzle NW of The Block

This Fortbyte will require some cooperation.

by William Schwartz


Another Fortbyte puzzle piece (Fortbyte #82) has been added to Fortnite, and this time players will need to seek out a pressure plate puzzle northwest of the Block to get the piece.  The only clue for this Fortbyte is that the pressure plates are located northwest of The Block.  If you’re having trouble completing Fortbyte #82 this guide will explain how to get it.

You’ll need more than one person for this challenge

Fortbyte #82 is located underneath some trees Northwest of The Block.  The exact location can be found in the map below or by heading to the C1 Quadrant on the map.  The trickier part about getting Fortbyte 82 is that it’s going to require a little teamwork to solve the pressure plate puzzle.


You can either go about this with a squad or try to get random players to cooperate long enough to grab the piece.  There are three pressure plates that require a player be standing on them to be able to interact with the Fortbyte.  So you’re gonna need four total players to do this challenge.  Once there are three people standing on each of the three plates, the Fortbyte can be collected.  Players must remain on the pressure plates while the Fortbyte is being collected for this to work.

Once you have the Fortbyte you can then heading to the Challenges > Fortbyte menu to see this piece of the puzzle added to the mysterious picture that’s slowly developing.

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