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Fortnite Fortbyte #88 – Found Somewhere Within Map Location J3

Head southeast of Sunny Steps for this Fortbyte.

by William Schwartz


The latest Fortbyte has been added to Fortnite and this one offers a straight forward explanation of how to get it.  Fortbyte #88 is located ‘somewhere within map location J3.’  That narrows things down to one specific square on the map in the north east corner.

To collect Fortbyte #88 you’re going to want to head in the direction of Sunny Steps.  The J3 Quadrant is located to the east of this named location.  You’ll find this item just outside the tree line between the trees and the house on the very edge of the map.  This Fortbyte is not hidden at all as it is out in the middle of the field.  There are also no requirements like emoticon or dances to get it either.  Simply use the image above and the map below to find the exact location of Fortbyte #88.

Fortbyte #88 Map Location


Once you’ve collected this Fortbtye you can see which piece of the puzzle this has revealed in the Challlenges > Fortbytes section of the menu.  There are new Fortbytes being added to the Fortnite map daily.  If you’re having trouble tracking them all down, check out this Fortbyte Locations Guide.

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