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Fortnite Fortbyte Location #92 – Accessible by using Rock Love Spray Near a Lavafall

Head to the Pressure Plant to collect this item

by William Schwartz


Another new piece to the puzzle has been added to Fortnite with Fortbyte #92.   Players can follow the clue that Epic Games has left to unlock the Fortbyte puzzle piece.  Fortbyte #92 asks players to use a spray at a specific location in the game to unlock the Fortbyte.  To get Fortbyte 92 you’re going to need to need to use the Rock Love Spray near lava.  If you’re not sure where to begin looking for Fortbyte #92 this guide will show you exactly where to go to pick up the collectible item.

We’ll start by looking at the clue for Fortbyte #92.  Since it says that you’re going to need to use the Rock Love Spray, make sure that you have this equipped.  Simply head into the Locker Tab of the main menu and then make sure that you have the Rock Love Spray equipped.  Once you do, you’ll be ready to head into the game to collect the Fortbyte as you need to use this spray before you can collect it.

Fortbyte 92 Location Map


Fortbyte 92 is located just south of the Pressure Plant on the big rock that is in the middle of the lava flow.  More specifically, the Fortbyte is located on the northern end of this rock.  If you’re dropping in to collect this item you’ll be able to see it glowing as you land there.  Once you see the item, simply stand next to it and then use the Rock Love Spray emote on the wall in front of it.  Once you do, the item can then be interacted with and collected.  If you’re having trouble finding the exact location you can use the images above to guide you, or just head to the H4 quadrant on the map.

Now that you’ve collected Fortbyte #92 you can head back into the Challenges > Fortbytes tab on the main menu and you will be able to see the piece revealed, getting you one step closer to solving the Fortbyte puzzle for Season 9.

Need help finding all Fortbytes?

Across the course of Season 9 100 Fortbytes will be revealed in Fortnite.  We’ve compiled a list of all Fortbyte locations and challenges in our Fortbyte Challenges Guide.  

- This article was updated on:May 13th, 2019

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