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Fortnite – Haunted Forest, Ghost Town, Spooky Farm Chest Locations

You won't find these names on the map.

by William Schwartz


Fortnite has another new set of challenges for a Halloween-themed event.  The Fortnitemares Challenges let you earn some reward items and XP bonuses during the event.  One of those challenges is to open chests in a couple of specific areas, but they are not actually labeled on the map.  The places you need to visit is the Haunted Forest, Ghost Town, and Spooky Farm.  In this guide we’ll explain exactly where you need to go to complete this challenge.

Ghost Town, Haunted Forest, Spooky Farm Locations Fortnite

The places that are listed in the challenge aren’t actual locations on the normal map.  The Haunted Forest is actually the Weeping Woods.  The Ghost Town is actually Pristine Point (G1), and the Spooky Farm is actually Frenzy Farm.  All of these locations are pretty easy to find when you know what they actually are.  You simply need to go to the Weeping Woods (Named Area), Frenzy Farm (Named Area), and Pristine Point (Landmark G1) and open chests.

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