Fortnite – Hit Any of the Trickjumps on Either the Crane, Elevated Train, or Fence in Downtown Drop

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Fortnite’s latest LTM Downtown Drop is offering new challenges to players each day, and the latest requires that you do a trickjump at a specific location. If you want to unlock the reward for the trickjump challenge you’re going to need to land one of the Crane, Elevated Train, or Fence in Downtown Drop.  There are multiple spots to complete this challenge and you’ll only need to land one trickjump, so we’ve listed the easiest ways to get this challenge done quickly.

Hit Trickjump on Elevated Train


There are also multiple elevated trains in Downtown Drop.  There’s one right at the beginning of the level and if you head straight towards the middle of the track on the first straightaway you’ll see a ramp that will boost you over the elevated train.  This is a very easy way to complete this challenge and it’s right at the beginning of the level.  You actually don’t even need much speed so if you happen to miss the ramp you can always use your grenades to push yourself back far enough to try again.

Hit Trickjump on Crane


Another easy way to complete the Trickjump Challenge in Downtown Drop is at the end of the level.  Simply look for the ramp right in front of the big red crane at the very end of the level.  Just before the elevator you’ll see a crane and there will be a ramp in front of it.  Hit the ramp and you’ll be boosted to a wire that is on the crane.  Simply hit this jump and you’ll complete the challenge.

The last way to complete this challenge is by doing the trickjump on the fence.  This fence is located in front of the basketball court at the end of the first straightaway.

Hit Trickjump on Fence


The fence is the first spot that you can land a trickjump in Downtown Drop.  It requres that you hit a ramp on the first straightaway that will shoot you up onto the fence that surrounds the basketball court.  This ramp is just past the red car on the left hand side of the first straightaway.  Simply hit the ramp and veer slightly left to land on the fence and collect the coins and basketball.

And that’s all there is to completing the Trickjump Challenge in Downtown Drop.  Just pick whichever trickjump you’d like to do and then complete it earn your reward.  The reward for completing this is the Kevin Back Board cosmetic item that you can carry with you into Fortnite matches.  Downtown Drop is releasing challenges each day so check back with us for more Fortnite Guides daily.


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