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Fortnite: How to Complete Prestige Challenges in Season X

Complete normal challenges to unlock harder ones.

by William Schwartz


Prestige Challenges have been added to Fortnite with the release of Season 10. It’s a change up of the traditional weekly challenges in that there are actually two different sets of challenges each week to complete. The first is your primary challenge within the group and then second is the Prestige version of these challenges for a total of 14 challenges in each group. So how do you complete Prestige Challenges in Fortnite.

To do Prestige Missions you have to actually complete the normal challenges first to unlock the prestige objectives. Once you’ve completed the normal challenges you will be able to tackle the prestige challenges and earn further rewards.

Prestige Challenges will be largely similar to the normal challenges, except they will be harder. For example, in the normal version of the Road Trip Missions you’ll be asked to visit three locations at the Durrr Burger, Dinosaur, and Stone Head Statue. The reward for doing this is 10 Battle Stars which is equal to a level on the Battle Pass.

The Prestige Challenge for this is to do the same thing, but do it all in one match… certainly harder than just doing it different matches. Every one of the Prestige Challenges follow this pattern, they are just harder variations of the normal weekly challenges in Fortnite.

What you’ll want to do to get access to the Prestige Challenges is complete all of the normal challenges and you’ll be able to earn these extra rewards.

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