Fortnite How to Find Jonesy near the Basketball Court, Near the Rooftops, and in the Back of a Truck

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The Downtown Drop LTM in Fortnite is currently going on and each day players are tasked with completing new objectives to unlock unique items.  The latest challenge has players tracking down Jonesy, yet again.  This time, you’re asked to find Jonesy near the Basketball Court, Near the Rooftops, and in the Back of a Truck.  We’ll walk you through how to find Jonesy in these three areas in the Downtown Drop map.

Find Jonesy Near the Basketball Court


Finding Jonesy near the basketball court is pretty straight forward.  Just hook a left near the basketball court at the end of the first straight away and you’ll find the cardboard cut-out inside the fenced-in area.

Find Jonesy Near the Rooftops


Finding Jonesy near the rooftops is one of the harder places to find him as you need to get enough speed on a ramp to jump into the area where Jonesy is.  On the second straight away you’re going to want to keep an eye out for the big crane that is got a car hoisted high in the air.  The ramp just before this car you’re going to have to hit with speed and then try to jump to the right when you’re coming off of it to get to the Jonesy near the rooftops.

Find Jonesy in the Back of a Truck


Jonesy in the back of a truck is actually located at the top of the Downtown Drop.  Once you’ve completed the track the elevator will take you up to the top of the track for a second lap.  Instead of hitting the ramps and doing another lap, you’re actually going to want to take a left down an alley.  In this alley you will find Jonesy in the back of a truck on the left hand side of the area.

How to get the Peely Skateboard in Fortnite


The reward for completing this challenge is the Banana Back Board that you can equip on your character.  The Banana Back Board features none other than Peely.  Plus, completing this challenge will put you one step close to completing all 13 Downtown Drop Challenges which will allow you to unlock the Sweaty Back Board once all of the challenges are complete.  New Downtown Drop challenges are releasing for the duration of the event.

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