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Fortnite – How To Get Ninja Skin

The most synonymous streamer associated with the game finally gets his own skin.

by Dean James


Very rarely do gamers associated with a game become as well known as the game, but Ninja might just be one of those people. Rising up as one of the top streamers ever, Ninja built his brand on Fortnite and people who play the game love the guy. It is honestly a surprise that he hadn’t been brought into Fortnite in some capacity already, but that has finally changed as the game now has a Ninja skin, emote, and harvesting tool and this guide will reveal just how you can get them.

How To Get Ninja Skin

Ninja is hard to miss thanks to his wild blue hair and that carries over right into Fortnite with his skin. As part of the Icon Series, Ninja has been immortalized in the game with his own skin, emote, and harvesting tool. The skin is literally Ninja himself transformed into a skin, while the emote is his signature Ninja Style dance and his classic dual katanas he’s known for are the harvesting tool.

Acquiring these Ninja related items is pretty simple, as they are not something you have to unlock in the game. Instead, they are found in the game’s Item Shop currently. The Ninja skin and harvesting tool are part of the Featured tab, with them supposed to be around for a few days.

However, the Ninja Style emote is currently under the Daily tab, which means it will only be available for today unless they bring it back again in the future. It’ll be interesting to see if they have other Ninja related items under the Icon Series show up under Daily in the coming days as well, but for now you need to make sure to get them.

For those looking to purchase the three items, you’re going to need 2,600 V-bucks total, as the skin is 1,500, the harvesting tool is 800, and the emote is 300. If you are interested, make sure to go get them as soon as possible, because they will not be around for long.

- This article was updated on:January 21st, 2020

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