Fortnite Patch Notes 1.000.065 For May 5th Update

This latest patch is a small one.

by Chris Park


Update 1.000.065 has arrived May 5th for Fortnite which has been released for a stability fix on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Android.  The patch requires that players close their game to snag the update.  The patch notes for 1.000.065 update are slim, and that’s because this is a small patch to address stability issues with the game and not a larger patch which affects things like weapons and game modes.

The Fortnite Team is calling this a maintenance or stability patch depending on which platform you’re on, so don’t expect much in terms of big changes to the game.  The patch notes for this one are so small that there isn’t much by way of actual patch notes for the game other than “stability issues fixed”.

Fortnite Patch Notes 1.000.065 May 5th Update

  • fixed stability issues

Just because this patch is a small one doesn’t mean Fortnite hasn’t changed considerably if you haven’t logged in a while.  Just yesterday, Fortnite hosted a “May the 4th” event which had players tracking down Star Wars themed quests to celebrate Star Wars day.  This allowed players to collect lightsabers and get unique Fortnite Star Wars skins.

The latest stability patch for Fortnite has been released on all platforms except for the Nintendo Switch at this time.  It is not clear if the game required a stability fix on the Nintendo Switch and the patch has yet to be released or whether Nintendo Switch owners can expect a patch in the near future.

If you’ve been playing the game and haven’t yet closed it, and are wondering where the patch is.  You’ll need to make sure that you close the game client and the re-open it to make sure that you’ve got this latest stability patch for Fortnite.

Fortnite is available now on the Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Android, and Nintendo Switch.

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