Fortnite Secret Banner Location Season 8 Week 2

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Week 2 of Season 8 in Fortnite is upon us and with it there are a host of new challenges to complete in the game.  Completing this week’s challenges in Fortnite will allow you to get the Secret Banner.  The clue for the location of this week’s secret banner will be found on the Week 2 Loading Screen in Fortnite for Season 8.  This guide will explain the location of secret banner in Fortnite Week 2 Season 8.

Where is the Secret Banner in Fortnite?

The new loading screen is going to give you the only clue you need to find the Secret Banner in Fortnite.  You’re going to want to head to the volcano to find the secret banner.  Once you’re there you’re going to want to go to the throne at the bottom of the volcano.  Once you’re down there you will be able to see a throne chair and an unhateched dragon egg.  The Secret Banner for this week will be located on the wall above these items.

If you’re having trouble finding the volcano, it’s the massive new structure that was one of the big map changes for Fortnite Season 8.  You’ll find the volcano at the northeast corner of the map in quadrant H3.  To get to the Secret Banner quickly you’re going to want to drop straight down the hole at the top of the volcano.

For the secret banner to be there, you’re going to have to have completed the challenges for Week 2 Season 8.   These include gaining health from apples, visiting the furthest points of the island, dealing damage with pirate cannons, and a searching chests.

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