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Fortnite Where is the Giant Dumpling Head Location

Head to Lucky Landing to finish this Fortnite dance challenge.

by William Schwartz


One of the challenges for week 4 Season 9 in Fortnite is to find multiple locations to dance at.  If you haven’t yet danced at the holographic tomato head at the Mega Mall or at the Holographic Durr Burger in Neo Tilted, you’ll need to do that first.  After those are complete you can dance on the Giant Dumpling Head.

The Dumpling Head is at Lucky Landing

The Giant Dumpling Head is actually located at lucky landing on top of one of the buildings on the north side of the area.  Once you’re in Lucky Landing the giant dumpling head is pretty hard to miss.  It’s a giant dumpling spinning around in a circle on top of a building after all.  You can simply land at the area and do your dance to complete the challenge.

With many players trying to complete the challenge it’s advised that you try to get there first as most people who land there will destroy the sign to get into the top of the building.  If you get to Lucky Landing and you don’t see the dumpling on the north side of the area, it’s likely because someone has destroyed it.

Once you’ve completed this task you will earn Battle Stars and complete this weekly challenge in Fortnite Season 9.

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