Fortnite Where to Find Junk Junction Treasure Location

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Treasure maps in Fortnite are a pretty common challenge that is thrown at players.  They require you to find the maps and then follow them in the game world to complete the challenge.  The Treasure Hunt challenge in Week 10 Season 8 requires you to head to Junk Junction to uncover the location and set you off on your Fortnite treasure hunt.

First things first you’re going to want to head over to Junk Junction in the B1 quadrant.  Once there you will find the treasure map at the location above.  Tucked between two stacks of smashed cars on the north side of the area, you will hear the challenge music playing when you get close to the map.

The map will reveal the fork knife area, which may or may not be familiar.  The rest of this guide will explain exactly how to follow this treasure map to complete the second stage of the Junk Junction treasure hunt in Fortnite.  The map gives us a clue of what to look for and that is the fork knife portion of the map that was recently added to the game.

Junction Junction treasure Stage 2 Location


This area is located in F8, northwest of Fatal Fields.  To complete the treasure hunt you’re going to want to head to that location.  If you zoom in on the map you will see that this exact formation is in F8.  Once you’ve made it to the fork knife location you will then search a dirt patch just outside the blade of the knife.  Get close to this location and the Battle Star will appear and the challenge will be completed.

The Junk Junction treasure hunt is one of the Week 10 Season 8 Challenges.  Complete them all and you can unlock the Secret Banner.

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