Fortnite XP Glitch (Chapter 3 Season 2): Earn 200,000 XP Per Second

The latest XP glitch in the game.

by Noah Nelson


Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is full of exciting new things, but as always, there is a new XP glitch to take advantage of. While these XP glitches can sometimes get patched, it is important to take advantage of them as soon as possible to get the most XP you can and fast. If you’re looking for XP, which who isn’t, you’ve come to the right place. Here is the latest XP glitch in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2.

Best Fortnite XP Glitch Chapter 3 Season 2

Like most XP glitches before it, this one exists in Creative Mode. First, you’ll need to launch into the Creative Mode in Fortnite. Once you are there, head up to any creative portals and access the console. Enter the code 0575-5645-8757. The island that opens up is called Word War created by Sucu. Accept the world and launch the portal. Once it has booted up, walk into the portal.

Once you’re inside the world, it will be dark and take some time to boot up. Immediately, you’ll want to notice the banner on your screen located on the middle left side. The banner should say Awards XP. That will signify to you that you are on the right track to this XP glitch. You can either wait out the autostart or you can open your settings menu and press start game.

Now that the game has started, head down the corridor until you see the three openings on the right side. Go past that to the reset builds module on the left of the openings. Press reset builds and then do the same thing to the module on the right of the three openings. After that, run straight through the floating orbs starting with the purple one closest to the three doors. Once that is done, walk through the blue orb that is fourth from the end. Lastly, grab a Bouncer, Grappler, and any gun you like. With that, use the middle trampoline to launch into the room and land on the white square in the center.

Look for a vault door on the exterior wall and use your Grappler to get to it quickly. Once at the door, shoot the red light on the upper left side of the door a couple of times. Nothing notable will happen, but the XP glitch will have started. Use either the vehicle on the left or the right to head back to the white square in the middle. Once there, turn 90 degrees to the left of the vault door and get your ramps out to build up to the top of the gray wall and then build floors over to it. Right at the top of the gray wall, you’ll notice an interact button. Once you interact with it, you’ll get teleported to a new room.

The second you land in this room, you will start receiving around 2,000 XP a second just by doing nothing. Once the XP starts to slow down, use the respawn beacon to get back to the room with the white square. Once on the white square, turn 90 degrees to the right of the vault wall and walk all the way to the wall. Once against the wall, build up to the top of the gray wall and build along the top of it. At the corner, there is another interact button. Use it to come back to the small room that will start the XP glitch again.

How to Repeat the XP Glitch

In order to keep this XP glitch going again and again, all you need to do is enter your menu and end the game. From there, press play again. Start the game and head straight for the white square. Looking straight at the vault door, build up towards the balcony. Once there, build up as far as you can and then build up and to the right. Once you’ve reached the top of the gray wall, build floors until you reach the same corner as before. Interact with the button and you’ll start the XP glitch again. You can keep doing this as long as you want.

And that is the newest and best XP glitch in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. For more on all things Fortnite, check out our other Fortnite guides.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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