Forza Motorsport: How to Access Photo Mode

by J.R. Waugh
Forza Motorsport Photo Mode
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Forza Motorsport is one of the most beautiful racing games available. You can revel in the impressive weather effects and detailed ray tracing on the track and even reflected off the hood of your car as you peel around the tracks located in the game’s world. It’s a fantastic experience, and if you are like many players, you’ll want to show friends how good it looks with a nice photo of your favorite car. Here’s how to access Photo Mode in Forza Motorsport!

How Do You Use Photo Mode for Screenshots in Forza Motorsport?

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

When in a race, hit the Menu button, which pauses the game and then you can select the Photo Mode from there in Forza Motorsport. At that point, position your photo, hit ‘Y’ if you want to choose additional effects, then the ‘View’ button to remove the UI. Then just tap the share button to take a screenshot to your console, or take a screenshot in-game where you can save it for later viewing. Photo mode is incredibly accessible and even auto-focuses on your car to really make your images pop.

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What Types of Photos Can You Take with Photo Mode in FM?

  • Forza-Motorsport-Photo-Mode-Track-Environments
  • Forza-Motorsport-Photo-Mode-Angles
  • Forza-Motorsport-Photo-Mode-Weather-Sunset

Given how you can angle your camera with the D-Pad for some nice canted shots of your cornering, zoom in with the left stick and focus by hitting ‘X’ on other cars, and even focus just on the track, the sky’s the limit. You can take some pretty great shots that showcase the game’s insane visuals, and you can raise or lower the perspective using the Right or Left trigger.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The effects menu has a presets option which is typical of this feature, along with fine-tuning options if you’re particular about how you want a shot to look. You can zoom in on any detail of the game you want, in a feature that’s at this point ubiquitous in many next-gen games.

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