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Gears 5: How to Spot, Mark Enemies

Let your teammates know enemy locations.

by William Schwartz


When you’re playing with other players in Gears 5 or playing by yourself and want to keep track of a specific enemy you will want to use the spot tool to mark enemies. This can be done rather simply by using the trigger to zoom in and then pressing the thumbstick to mark them. Once you complete the mark you will see a target over the enemies head.

How to Spot Enemies and Mark Enemies in Gears 5

Xbox: Hold LT Press, Left Thumbstick in

To mark enemies in Gears 5 you will want to Hold LT while aiming and then press the Left Thumbstick in to mark the enemy.

When you start Gears 5 you will have the default mark which is a circle, but others can be earned and crafted from the Gears 5 loot pool. You can change your mark style by heading into the customization menu and selecting the “Marks” section. This menu will allow you to select any that you have unlocked.

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