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Gears 5: How to Use Expression Emotes

There are audio and physical expression emotes

by William Schwartz


Expressions are a new thing in Gears 5 which allow you to use emotes during play.  Since they are new they are somewhat hidden as they’ve been tucked away somewhat in the traditional Gears of War control scheme.  This guide will explain how to use expressions in Gears 5.

What you will need to do to use the expressions and emotes in Gears 5 is to push in the right thumbstick on the Xbox One controller. Doing this will open an expressions menu which you can then use the d-pad to select the expression you want to use.


Xbox One Controller:

Press and hold in the Right Thumbstick, then press the direction on the d-pad of the expression you want to use

Once you press the d-pad you will hear the expression from your character. You can change the expressions in your loadout, but it must be done on a character by character basis. To do this you will need to head into the Customize Section on the main menu by pressing the Menu Button (Three Lines). Tab over to Customize and then select Characters. Select which character you want to change expressions for then open their customization menu with the A button. There you can go down to expressions and change or preview which ones you want to equip.

Each character will have some already unlocked, but you will need to unlock more through completing challenges and leveling up to earn more expressions.  There are different types of expressions in Gears 5.  Some are just audio lines, while others are physical emotes that show things like cheering or a thumb’s up.

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