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Gears 5 Operation 8 Drop 2 Update Patch Notes

A Ton of New Content

by Aaron Nashar


Operation 8 Drop 2 update has arrived for Gears 5, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch.

This update brings along with it a ton of brand new content that should keep every player entertained. The content drop includes 5 new characters, 2 new maps, new weapons and competitive rewards, and the final Operation for Gears 5 ever.

Here’s everything included in the Patch Notes:-



Corporal Michael Barrick is a former Stranded who set aside his distrust of the COG to join the military. From battling General RAAM with Zeta-Six to fighting alongside Marcus Fenix in Delta Squad, Barrick became one of the COG’s most legendary Gears during the Locust War.


Private Alicia Valera is a Gear who specializes in reconnaissance warfare, risking her life to gather critical intel before the battle. Serving with the Zeta-Six squad during the Locust War, she raced to evacuate her home city of Ilima before it was overrun by General RAAM’s horde.


Oscar Diaz is the leader of the Riftworm Village, one of the last Outsider communities left standing after incessant attack by the Swarm. A former Gear, and uncle to Kait Diaz, Oscar is a warrior who will sacrifice anything – including himself – to defend the people under his watch.



The Rager is a wiry, aggressive Grub. Similar in appearance to a Locust Drone but with a distinctively ferocious edge, the Rager rushes into battle with minimal armor and maximum savagery.




This Weilehan fishing village sits eerily abandoned after a recent Swarm attack. Scattered huts and a small dock area give players ample opportunity to push forward and ambush the enemy.



The Outsiders have repurposed this abandoned mining colony into a thriving village. Two defensive structures define the landscape – the high ground of the bar, and the entrenched mine.


As you all jump back into Season 8 of Competitive, we wanted to remind you of the rewards from this Operation.

If you finish in the top 100 this season you will be granted the Grandmaster Obsidian Gnasher.


For Season 9 of Competitive, we will then swap the Obsidian Gnasher out for the Grandmaster Bloody Gnasher.


We are also adding new banners to earn for each of the Competitive modes in Operation 8 so make sure to keep an eye out for that!

So just to recap, here is how the Competitive rewards will now work:

  • 100k points – Playlist Mark – 100k
  • 500k points – Playlist Mark – 500k
  • 1 million points – Playlist Master Banner
  • If you finish in the top 1,000 – Some weapons from Heroic Obsidian Gnasher set.
  • If you finish in the top 100
    • Playlist Grandmaster Banner
    • Trinity Skorge
    • Grandmaster Obsidian Gnasher
    • Golden Heart Bloodspray
  • If you finish the season as the top player
    • Golden Gnasher Bloodspray

Note: After Season 9 we will not be granting the Top 100 rewards anymore, so make sure you get them before then!


On the release of Operation 8, we introduced two prototype weapons, these weapons were developed throughout Gears 5 but did not have the final polish.

We are happy to announce we are releasing one final prototype weapon, the Hammer of Dawn.

Note: Prototype Weapons will remain in Custom Versus only and will not have any customizable skins. When they were created, they were intended for PvP and we would need extensive work to bring them over to PvE.



A staple across the Gears franchise, the Hammer of Dawn targets an area and unleashes a deadly barrage, do not be near it!


We’ll also be adding the following tweaks in Operation 8 Drop 2 for PvP!

  • We will be adding “Fully Loaded” versions of Control, TDM, and FFA to Custom Versus (this allows you to set most weapons as loadout weapons and to toggle melee in addition to the normal mutator options).
  • Additional Medal groups for PVP and PVE focused on ribbon-based medals (1 group for PVP and 1 for PVE).
  • Bullet penetration mutator added as an option to all Custom Versus modes.
  • We will be updating the rate of XP gain for PVP to be in line with Inconceivable Horde.


Back in May, we announced our plans to move to Unreal Engine 5 with Operation 8 being the final Operation for Gears 5.

To clear up some specific points regarding Gears 5 going forward:

  • Once Operation 8 ends, the game will move into a phase of automation, where the following will happen.
    • Tour of Duty – Will reset going forward. See below for the list of rewards you can expect with each Tour of Duty:
NameReward TypeReward Value
Recruit ICoins2000
Recruit II Iron50
Recruit IIICoins500
Recruit IVCoins500
Recruit VIron50
Private ICoins500
Private IICoins500
Private IIIIron50
Private IVCoins500
Private VCoins500
Corporal IIron50
Corporal IICoins1000
Corporal IIICoins1000
Corporal IVIron50
Corporal VCoins1000
Sergeant ICoins1000
Sergeant IIIron100
Sergeant IIICoins1500
Sergeant IVCoins1500
Sergeant VIron100
Officer ICoins1500
Officer IICoins1500
Officer IIIIron100
Officer IVCoins2000
Officer VCoins2000
Lieutenant IIron100
Lieutenant IICoins2000
Lieutenant IIICoins2000
Lieutenant IVIron100
Lieutenant VCoins2500
Captain ICoins2500
Captain IIIron150
Captain IIICoins2500
Captain IVCoins2500
Captain VIron150
Major ICoins2750
Major IICoins2750
Major IIIIron150
Major IVCoins2750
Major VCoins2750
Colonel IIron150
Colonel IICoins3000
Colonel IIICoins3000
Colonel IVIron150
Colonel VCoins3000
Major General ICoins3000
Major General IIIron250
Major General IIICoins3500
Major General IVCoins3500
Major General VIron250
Tour of Duty Reward Chart

This will also come with a set of medals which will refresh at the end of each Competitive and Tour refresh going forward, see below for the full details.


Completion Reward: 2000 Gears Coins

Team MedicRevive 150 TeammatesAll6
CarnageDo 10000000 DamageAll6
Body CountGet 10000 EliminationsAll6
Finish ThemKill 4000 EnemiesAll6
MarksmanHit 500 Headshots KillsAll6
ExecutionerPerform 150 ExecutionsAll6
Tour of Duty Basic Rewards


Completion Reward: 2000 Gears Coins

Lancer CarnageDeal 250000 Damage with the LancerAll6
Gnasher Body CountGet 250 Eliminations with the GnasherAll6
Pistol CarnageDeal 150000 Damage with the Snub, Boltok or TalonAll6
Big Boom Body CountGet 100 Eliminations with the Boomshot, Dropshot or Frag GrenadesAll6
Blazing CarnageDeal 100000 Damage with the Scorcher or Incendiary GrenadesAll6
Marksman Body CountGet 100 Eliminations with the Longshot, EMBAR or Torque BowAll7
Tour of Duty Weapon Rewards


Completion Reward: 3000 Gears Coins

BattlewornComplete 200 Rounds of Versus, Waves of Horde or Acts of EscapeAll6
Drop ‘EmGet 100 DownsAll6
Splish SplashDo 50000 Damage with Incendiary and/or Shock GrenadesAll6
Active LivingGet 150 Active Reload KillsAll6
Double DipperGet 20 Double Kills in Versus MatchesVersus6
Do Your PartGet 100 Assists in Versus MatchesVersus6
Sending a MessageGet 25 Executions in Versus MatchesVersus7
Tour of Duty Specialist Rewards


Completion Reward: 5000 Gears Coins

KilljoyGet 5 Ring-Breaks in a Single Versus MatchVersus5
Busy BeeGet 3 Triple Kills in Competitive Versus MatchesVersus6
Show OffGet 5 Executions in a Single Versus Match 3 TimesVersus6
GoonGet 5 or more Kills without Dying in a Single Versus MatchVersus6
TryhardScore 5000 Points or more in 25 Competitive Versus MatchesVersus7
Eager BeaverGet  the First Kill 10 Times in Versus MatchesVersus7
BullySurvive 25 Waves of Horde and/or Acts of Escape on Inconceivable Difficulty or HigherPVE7
Tour of Duty Master Rewards


Completion Reward: 5000 Gears Coins

Escape AttemptsSurvive 50 Acts of EscapeEscape5
Escape CarnageDo 3000000 Damage in EscapeEscape6
Escape Body CountGet 1000 Eliminations in EscapeEscape6
Boss HunterGet 30 Boss Eliminations in EscapeEscape6
HivebustersSurvive 10 Acts of Escape as Lahni, Keegan or MacEscape6
Scion HunterGet 50 Scion Eliminations in EscapeEscape6
Escape MasterEscape 10 Hives on Master Difficulty in this OperationEscape7
Tour of Duty Escape Rewards


Completion Reward: 5000 Gears Coins

Wave SurvivorSurvive 150 Waves of HordeHorde5
Horde CarnageDo 6000000 Damage in HordeHorde6
Horde Body CountGet 3000 Eliminations in HordeHorde6
Boss HunterGet 30 Boss Eliminations in HordeHorde6
Power HorderCollect 1000000 Energy in HordeHorde6
Locust HunterGet 200 Locust Eliminations in HordeHorde6
Horde MasterSurvive 50 Waves of Horde or Frenzy on Master DifficultyHorde7
Tour of Duty Horde Rewards


Completion Reward: 3000 Gears Coins

Quickplay VeteranWin 10 Classic Quickplay MatchesVersus6
Versus CarnageDo 1500000 Damage in Versus MatchesVersus6
Season SlaughterGet 5000 Eliminations in VersusVersus6
Versus MedicRevive 50 Teammates in Versus MatchesVersus6
COG VictoriesWin 25 Versus Matches as COGVersus6
Swarm VictoriesWin 25 Versus Matches as SwarmVersus6
Ring MasterCapture 100 Rings in VersusVersus6
Tour of Duty Versus Basics Rewards


Completion Rewards: 3000 Gears Coins

Competitive VeteranWin 20 Competitive Versus MatchesVersus7
Competitive SlayerGet 200 Eliminations in Competitive MatchesVersus6
2v2 Gnasher VeteranWin 15 Rounds of Versus Competitive 2v2 Gnasher MatchesVersus6
Free-For-All VeteranGet 100 Eliminations in Competitive Free-For-All MatchesVersus6
Control VeteranWin 10 Rounds in Competitive Control MatchesVersus6
Guardian VeteranWin 20 Rounds of Competitive Guardian MatchesVersus6
Execution VeteranWin 5 Matches of Competitive Execution 2.0Versus6
Tour of Duty Competitive Rewards

Finally, we are reducing the stars per rank in this Tour of Duty and we’re increasing the stars awarded for each daily objective completed by 1.

See the list below for the ranks and stars needed for each rank in this Tour of Duty:

1Recruit I55
2Recruit II510
3Recruit III515
4Recruit IV520
5Recruit V525
6Private I631
7Private II637
8Private III643
9Private IV649
10Private V655
11Corporal I762
12Corporal II769
13Corporal III776
14Corporal IV783
15Corporal V790
16Sergeant I898
17Sergeant II8106
18Sergeant III8114
19Sergeant IV8122
20Sergeant V8130
21Officer I9139
22Officer II9148
23Officer III9157
24Officer IV9166
25Officer V9175
26Lieutenant I10185
27Lieutenant II10195
28Lieutenant III10205
29Lieutenant IV10215
30Lieutenant V10225
31Captain I11236
32Captain II11247
33Captain III11258
34Captain IV11269
35Captain V11280
36Major I12292
37Major II12304
38Major III12316
39Major IV12328
40Major V12340
41Colonel I13353
42Colonel II13366
43Colonel III13379
44Colonel IV13392
45Colonel V13405
46Major General I14419
47Major General II14433
48Major General III14447
49Major General IV14461
50Major General V14475
Tour of Duty Ranks


While this update marks the final content update for Gears 5, we will still refresh Gears 5 up to the holidays. This will also involve more events for you to participate in and get special rewards for.

We will also be looking to update the store with “Essential Drops,” with the end goal to have the store full of all previously released content, with some exceptions such as the top character skin awarded in each Tour of Duty and exclusive promotional content. Keep an eye out as we will be announcing when we are doing these significant store drops.


To celebrate Drop 2, we will be running a double XP (+Character XP) event with free Boost from Friday, September 17 to Monday, Sept 20. This will go live at 10:00 AM PDT, so be sure to be around!

This marks the end of everything that is coming to Gears 5 with Operation 8 Drop 2. The coalition promises more updates and new patch notes coming next week.

Gears 5 is available right now on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam and Xbox Game Pass.

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