Gears 5 Operation 8 Update Patch Notes

Operation 8 is here

by Damian Seeto

Update Operation 8 has arrived for Gears 5 and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch.

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The Coalition will now be releasing a new Gears 5 update on all platforms. The update will be arriving on August 3rd, 2021 dropping at 10:00 am PDT. However, some of the new content won’t be dropping until 12pm PDT.

Aside from the usual bug fixes and gameplay improvements, a ton of new content will be available for owners of the game. This includes a new map called Rumble and some new items are heading to the store.

Anyway, you can read the full patch notes posted down below.

Gears 5 Operation 8 Update Patch Notes


  • The Gnasher will no longer have brighter muzzle flashes on the 2 v 2 Allfather Arena map.
  • Players will now receive appropriate penalties for continuing to disband Competitive lobbies.
  • We’ve removing the ability to see the PC Icon in Public lobbies across Gears 5, this icon will stay in for Custom matches to help maintain esports integrity.
  • We’ve added an option to add a delay to the expression wheel appearing, this can be toggled from instantly to 5 seconds which should help prevent accidental openings of the wheel while in combat.
  • You can now toggle off the option to “Yank” a player over cover, sometimes a player will accidentally try to yank while trying to revive a DBNO player against cover which will help prevent this issue from occurring.
  • A confirmation prompt has been added to the restart round option in custom matches.
  • Addressed an issue that resulted in Hivebuster Mac not displaying a blue team shader when viewed from distance.
  • We have updated the Scoreboard to provide more meaningful stats across the board for viewers and players.
    • Execution/Warzone: Kill/Death/Assist, Damage Done, First Bloods, Revives.
    • KOTH/Control: Kill/Death/Assist, Damage Done, OBJ Kills (any player you kill inside the objective.), Caps/Breaks.
    • TDM/Dodgeball: Kill/Death/Assist, Damage Done, Kill Streak (this is your current kill streak but will reset at the end of each round or if you die.), Revives.
    • Guardian: Kill/Death/Assist, Damage Done, Leader Kills, Revives.
    • Escalation: Kill/Death/Assist, Damage Done, Kill Streak, Caps/Breaks.
    • Gridiron/Capture the Flag: Kill/Death/Assist, Damage Done, Touchdowns, Denials.
  • We’ve made the following changes to competitive mode scoring:
    • Players who are playing solo will now get a 25% boost to their score at the end of a competitive match (up from 15%)
    • Players will now receive 5,000 points for a victory in all team-based competitive modes.
  • A voiceline is no longer played when killing an ally held by a meatshield.


Players will no longer have an invisible weapon when revived in specific circumstances in PvE.

  • The Relic Weapons have now been moved into the “minimal” Gears 5 install; this addresses an issue with users crashing when loading Atrium.
  • An exploit which allowed players to force all enemies to spawn in a specific location in Turbine has been fixed.
  • Abyss no longer appears twice in the Horde Frenzy stats section.
  • An issue with a door on the Trap Hive has now been addressed.
  • Hoffman will now correctly call out a Warden when he marks it.
  • Flame Grenadiers and Palace Guards will no longer fire their weapons while feared.
  • Players will no longer continue to take damage from the poison puddles mutator at the end of a Horde wave.
  • Lambent enemies will now have an outline when a Marksman uses their X-Ray ability.
  • Rebuilding the Fabricator will now correctly cost 4,000 power.
  • Sires will now move when targeting a Decoy.


  • The Embar is now centralised in the weapon’s customization screen.
  • To address a crash, players are now unable to use Jack’s abilities while in a vehicle in the Campaign.
  • A specific cover has had its collision heightened in Training Grounds to prevent you jumping over it.
  • The Chalkboard skin has now been restored to the correct version.
  • The Made you Flinch expression now uses the correct Card image.
  • Hivebuster Mac’s ponytail should no longer behave oddly.
  • A Level of Detail issue on the door inside the Cafe on Ephyra has now been addressed.
  • An issue that resulted in the chatbox not working for some users has been addressed.

If you want to know more about this update, you can visit the official website. Gears 5 is out now for the PC and Xbox family of consoles.

- This article was updated on November 9th, 2021