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Gears of War 4 Guide: How to Get Scrap

by Kyle Hanson


As a video game that was released in the year 2016, Gears of War 4 features a micro-transaction style card system. It’s just a requirement now. Jokes aside, Gears of War 4 is an awesome game, with an even more enjoyable multiplayer mode. The card system is pretty cool and integral to the multiplayer modes, and the card system is all about how much scrap you have. So, we’re gonna try to help out and show you how to get scrap in Gears of War 4.

So, let’s get the obvious out of the way. If you are dying to get extra scrap in Gears of War 4, you can always just buy some. Well, you can’t buy scrap directly, but you can buy credits that are used to buy crates, which give you cards, which can give you scrap. Tossing down some cash will definitely get you ahead in the game, but GoW4 is set up so that you can get through it without spending a single extra dollar, since you can earn in-game currency just by playing the game.

Once you have gotten your crates and retrieved the cards inside, the key to how to get scrap is to focus on duplicate cards and other items that you received. Within the customization menu you can scroll around, looking at all of your cards, characters, skins, emblems, etc. Find some duplicate items in here, or items that you know you will not use, and hit X to be given the option to turn them into scrap.

Depending on the item and and the number that you have available, you’ll get different amounts of scrap. Just be sure that it is something you do not want to keep, as once it is turned into scrap, it is gone forever. You can even do this with bounties that you don’t think you will ever get to.

And that’s it for how to get scrap in Gears of War 4. There aren’t really any big tricks you can pull to get extras, just play the game, earn your unlocks, and decide if that card is worth scrapping whenever you need some more.

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