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Genshin Impact – How to Enhance Weapons

Keep your favorite weapons up to date by junking unwanted ones.

by Brandon Adams


This may come as a shock, but weapons are important in Genshin Impact, and knowing how to enhance weapons is critical towards your success. The process isn’t complex, though it will require a lot of gems and useless weapons.

Enhance weapons in Genshin Impact by feeding them other weapons and Enhancement Gems.

In Genshin Impact, your weapons will rise in power and level when you enhance them, so it’s important to keep the ones you like up to date. Old or undesired weapons, and Enhancement Gems (found either out in the world, or crafted at the Blacksmith) are used to enhance weapons, so don’t be afraid to loot everything you see. Once you have the materials to enhance your weapon enter the character menu, then select “Weapon” for the character whose armament you wish to bolster. From here you’ll have a couple options, but for now we’ll focus on the “Enhance” tab”.

In this menu you’ll see a couple things. First, the level and stats for the weapon will be shown in the top-right, followed by the “Enhancement Materials” segment below it. You can choose your materials in one of two ways. The first method is via “Auto Add” This is a catch-all method, so if you have certain items you wish to not destroy you’ll want to use the second method and manually select each item for weapon enhancement via the six blocks below it. Otherwise, select the quality of the materials you wish to use and select “Auto Add”.


Whether you used “Auto Add” or picked each item by hand, you’ll see the potential increase in level and stats at the top, and the required “gold” (Mora, in Genshin Impact) at the bottom by the “Enhance” button. If you have the coin you can click “Enhance” to junk those items for the boosts being advertised.

Keep in mind that the higher the level of your weapon, the higher the quality of items you’ll need to scrap to efficiently boost it up further. Also, there are level-gates for weapons that will require an “Ascension” to overcome, and this will require a set amount of rare materials. The first gate is at level 20. Genshin Impact will not allow you to enhance weapons until you clear the Ascension gate, so don’t worry about accidently scrapping items for a bunk enhancement.

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