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Genshin Impact – Where to Find Nameless Treasure

The nameless treasure hunt

by Abdul Saad


Genshin Impact is the hottest free-to-play RPG that’s out right now on PC, PlayStation 4, and mobile devices. It is also the latest entry from developer Mihoyo who’s mostly known for its gacha fighting game series Honkai Impact. Genshin Impact includes lots of rare and hidden treasure items, one of the most notable being the Nameless Treasure which when found will reward you with up to a hundred thousand Mora and more. This guide will provide a simple and straightforward way to find all Nameless Treasure items.

Lingju Pass

The first treasure can be found at Lingju Pass. To get to it, you’ll need the help of an NPC that’s being held hostage nearby. The NPC can be found specifically at western Lingju Pass and is trapped in a cage surrounded by enemies, so defeat them to unlock a nearby visible chest with the key to the cage inside. Once you free her with the key, she will then tell you the location of the treasure.

Dunyu Ruins

The next Nameless Treasure can be found at Dunyu Ruins. It is underwater so you’ll need to drain the water level of the area before proceeding. To do this, you’ll have to light four torches with a Pyro skill or a simple shot from Amber’s bow. Some of the torches are well hidden so you’ll need to do some searching to light all of them. Once that’s done, you will then need to activate the Geo Element Node that drains the water level then head into the pool where you’ll find three spirits. You’ll have to lead each of them to a designated location which will then lower a force field guarding the chest with the Nameless Treasure inside.

Qingxu Pool

The final treasure item can be found at Qingxu Pool. In the middle of Qingxu Pool is a talking stone tablet that will tell you the location of five different Geo element seals you’ll need to break across five different locations in the area. Once you’ve broken each seal, the final chest will spawn next to the tablet.

If you’re unsure of what to do next, you can sell each collected item to a Vendor called Linlang at a store called Xigu Antiques in Liyue Harbor.

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