Ghost of Tsushima – Can You Lock On to Enemies?

Why can't you lock on in Ghost of Tsushima?

by Diego Perez

Ghost of Tsushima involves a lot of sword fighting with large groups of enemies, so how do you lock on to enemies in Ghost of Tsushima? Most third-person games feature some way to lock on to enemies and make fighting a little less frustrating, but Ghost of Tsushima is a bit different. It’s combat system is centered around flowing freely from target to target, parrying incoming strikes and attacking whenever an opportunity presents itself. You’ll frequently find yourself wanting to attack foes that are behind you or to your side, so a lock-on system would keep you focused on one enemy and prevent you from easily switching targets on the fly.

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How to Lock On to Enemies in Ghost of Tsushima

Unfortunately, Ghost of Tsushima does not feature a lock-on function. You cannot lock on to individual enemies during combat. Instead, you must manually direct Jin’s sword strikes by pushing the left analog stick in the direction of the enemy you wish to attack. It’s tough to get used to at first, but Ghost of Tsushima’s combat really starts to shine once you get the hang of switching between enemies on the fly. Parrying an incoming attack from behind before finishing off a weakened foe to your side is an immensely satisfying feeling, and it’s something you’ll have to master if you wish to take down the invading Mongol force and liberate the island of Tsushima.


If the lack of lock-on is giving you trouble, make sure to constantly block by holding the L1 button to keep yourself protected from incoming attacks. Once you get comfortable with combat, try to parry incoming strikes for easy damage and counterattacks. The game’s combat system also opens up significantly once you unlock additional fighting stances for Jin, which can help you deal with particularly tricky enemy types. Also, make sure to check out our Ghost of Tsushima beginner tips to make the most of your first few hours on the island of Tsushima.

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