Ghost of Tsushima – How to Perform a Shoji Assassination

They'll never see you coming.

by Diego Perez
Ghost of Tsushima Shoji Assassination

Ghost of Tsushima begins with you following the honorable ways of the samurai, but throughout the game, you’ll learn to use dishonorable tactics like the Shoji Assassination to get the upper hand over the Mongol forces that have invaded the island of Tsushima. The Shoji Assassination is a useful tool to have, allowing you to take down an unsuspecting foe through a door, but Jin won’t learn it until you reach a certain point in the game. Thankfully, you cannot miss the Shoji Assassination in Ghost of Tsushima, but you will have to put a considerable amount of time into the game before you acquire the ability.

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How to Perform a Shoji Assassination in Ghost of Tsushima

To do a Shoji Assassination in Ghost of Tsushima, you must first find an enemy that is standing in front of a sliding door. Once you’ve identified your target, sneak to the other side of the door and press the square button to assassinate them. It’s a powerful but situational move, and incorporating it into your strategies can make or break a stealthy infiltration of a Mongol outpost. Some Mongol outposts and captured farmsteads have optional bonus objectives, and sometimes they will require you to perform a Shoji Assassination. You won’t be able to use this move until reaching a certain point in the story, so come back later if you run into this bonus objective without first obtaining the move.


Jin will learn the Shoji Assassination in Ghost of Tsushima during the finale of Act I. As you assault Castle Kaneda in an attempt to rescue Lord Shimura, you’ll eventually make your way inside the fortress. After taking down a few Mongols inside, you’ll reach a scripted sequence where Jin will come across a lone Mongol standing behind a sliding door – the perfect target for a quiet kill. After assassinating this enemy and progressing through the mission, you’ll unlock the ability.

There are sliding doors everywhere in Ghost of Tsushima, but not every enemy will be mindlessly standing in front of one every time you find one. To lure enemies into position for a Shoji Assassination, use the throwable Wind Chimes that you can unlock as a Ghost Weapon to draw Mongols to the desired area. You can also use Firecrackers, another of Ghost of Tsushima’s throwable items, although they draw the attention of multiple enemies at once.

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