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Ghost of Tsushima: Legends – All Classes

Will you fight as an honorable Samurai or an unseen Assassin?

by Joshua Garibay


Ghost of Tsushima is a phenomenal game — it’s true, our review says so — and it’s about to get even better. Multiplayer is coming to the samurai game in the form of Ghost of Tsushima: Legends.

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends is comprised of 2-player story missions, 4-player survival missions, and a 4-player raid. Players will need to work together, utilizing the specific strengths of their chosen class, to overcome the opposition.

The first class unlock is free, but the remainder must be unlocked through leveling. Use the class details below to make an informed decision when you begin.

All Classes in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends


The classic Samurai heads up the class selections. Here, the Samurai takes on a tank role, regenerating health with their kills. These warriors will remain on the frontlines, in the heat of the action. The flurry strike ability will ensure that any combatants gathering around the Samurai will be swiftly cut down.

Ultimate Ability: Hachiman’s Fury – Perform a series of automatic strikes at highlighted targets (Costs 3 Resolve)
Class Ability (Rank 1): Spirit Pull – While active, your Spirit Pull passively siphons health from a nearby enemy
Class Ability (Rank 10): Explosive Blade – Melee attacks deal damaging explosions on contact
Staring Equipment: Stone Katana, Half Bow, Basic Charm, Kunai, Smoke Bomb


Take out enemies before they even see you with the Hunter. This old-fashioned sniper can devastate enemies from afar, raining death upon them. When the situation escalates, the Hunter can take advantage of a multi-arrow shot or thunderous explosive arrows.

Ultimate Ability: Eye of Uchitsune – Fire three headshots at enemy targets (Costs 3 Resolve)
Class Ability (Rank 1): Staggering Arrow – Fire an arrow that stuns enemies in a small area
Class Ability (Rank 10): Explosive Arrow – Fire an arrow that explodes after a short delay
Staring Equipment: Stone Katana, Half Bow, Basic Charm, Kunai, Smoke Bomb


The Ronin is likely to appeal to support mains out there. Thanks to a group resurrection ultimate, the Ronin can keep they party going in times have extreme opposition. And let’s not forget that this class can summon a Spirit Dog, which players can pet.

Ultimate Ability: Breath of Izanami – Revive downed allies (Costs 3 Resolve)
Class Ability (Rank 1): Spirit Animal – Summon a friendly dog companion for a short amount of time
Class Ability (Rank 10): Healing Incense – Deploy a small pot of incense that heals nearby allies.
Staring Equipment: Stone Katana, Half Bow, Basic Charm, Kunai, Smoke Bomb


The Assassin is your single target damage dealer. Striking from the shadows and enveloping themselves in darkness, these deadly killers will make quick work of unaware enemies. They can even teleport across the environment to close the distance on their target with ease. Plus, they easily have the coolest masks.

Ultimate Ability: Shadow Strike – Instantly assassinate up to three targets from a distance (Costs 3 Resolve)
Class Ability (Rank 1): Toxic Vanish – Vanish in a cloud of poison smoke that deals Stagger damage to nearby enemies
Class Ability (Rank 10): Group Vanish – Vanish along with nearby allies
Staring Equipment: Stone Katana, Half Bow, Basic Charm, Kunai, Smoke Bomb

- This article was updated on:October 19th, 2020

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