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Ghost Recon Breakpoint: How to Craft

Craft items and weapons at camp.

by William Schwartz


Crafting in Ghost Recon Breakpoint is going to be one of your primary ways to keep a steady supply of items and rations.  There are multiple items that you can craft in Ghost Recon Breakpoint and multiple locations that you can do it.  This guide will explain where and how to craft in Breakpoint.

Make camp at the Bivouac to Craft

In Ghost Recon Breakpoint you will craft at the Bivouac.  This campsite area will allow you to take the materials that you find out in the world and use them to create useful items.   You will be able to craft as soon as you make it to the Erewhon Camp if you head to the campfire area.

You will need to have some basic materials if you want to craft, however.  Each item has a unique recipe that will require things like plants, explosive materials, metal parts, sugars, fiber, proteins, and more.  You can find these items as you explore the world and play the game.

In the Bivouac crafting area you can make items like different types of rations which provide different buffs, healing items, or explosives.

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