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Ghost Recon Breakpoint – How to Dismantle Weapons and Gear

Dismantle weapons for spare upgrade parts.

by William Schwartz


In Ghost Recon Breakpoint you can dismantle your weapons that you don’t want any more.  Dismantling weapons in the game will give you things like Weapon Parts, Metal Parts, and gun specific parts that can be used when upgrading your weapons.

Dismantle your weapons to upgrade others

To dismantle weapons and gear in Ghost Recon Breakpoint you’re going to want to head into the character menu where you see your weapons and gear items.  The items that you can dismantle are your guns and your wearables.  Guns can be dismantled by clicking on the weapon you want to dismantle and then following the prompt to change the weapon.  This will bring up your full list of weapons.  From here you will be able to hover over any of the weapons in your menu and dismantle them.

Depending on the type of weapon you will get different parts from it.  Those parts can then be used to upgrade weapons in the Gunsmith.

Gear can also be dismantled by following a similar process.  Simply hover over your weapons and change them, then go to the dismantle option to get parts from old equipment that you are no longer using.

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