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Ghost Recon Breakpoint: How To Recover Stamina

Slow down a little.

by Dean James


Ubisoft has been going much bigger with their various properties in recent years in scale and Ghost Recon Breakpoint continues that trend with another large open world for you to explore as you complete various missions and such. For when you are not driving around in a vehicle to get between locations, running is always a good option to save time, but the realism prevents you from running infinitely. This is where the game’s stamina meter comes into play and this guide will explain how you can recover your stamina in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Running around is a very useful option in the game that you will likely find yourself doing pretty often. However, you will very quickly notice a white bar in the bottom center of the screen that starts to deplete the more you are running.

If you stop running, this will refill rather quickly and make it every easy for you to let it fill back up. If you let it go all the way down though past the point where it turns red, it will deplete and stop you in your tracks for a few seconds. At this point, you can only move slowly and must wait for the bar to refill.

To get the bar to refill, just stand still or walk slowly and it will start to fill back up. This may take a little longer than if you hadn’t let it deplete completely, but it shouldn’t take too long regardless. Once it is full again, you are good to start running all around yet again.

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